Beleev Scooters in Black from the kick scooter with led light up wheels

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The kick scooter with led light up wheels

The Beleev Scooters in Black are adjustable, lean to steer and “grow with child” kick scooter perfect for toddlers and kids. These are one of the best kick scooters with led light up wheels from Beleev Store where the LED wheels are easy to use and are motion activated. The scooter can be adjusted at different heights according to your child’s height.

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Recommended rider age: 3 years to 14 years old
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My rating: 9.8 out of 10

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Beleev Scooters in Black

The dimension of the Beleev Scooter in Black is 64.77 x 23.62 x 10.92 cm and shipping weight is 5 Pounds. These best rated Beleev kick scooter with led light up wheels are perfect for 3 to 14 years old boys and girls. As the height can be adjusted, kids also enjoy scooting for longer time. The maximum weight capacity it can hold recommended by manufacturer is 110 pounds.

Beleev Scooters in Black from the kick scooter with led light up wheels

Apart from Black, the Beleev scooters are available in many vibrant colors like Black Matte, Blue, Dark Lilac, Green, Hot Pink, Matte Aqua, Matte Pink, Pink, Purple, Sky Blue, Teal and Red. The article here comes with the review of Beleev Scooters in Black from the kick scooter with led light up wheels.

You will receive the Beleev kick scooter with led light up wheels, tools, extra bolts and instructions manual in the package. You will receive the scooter in two parts. You need to attach the handlebar to the base. Currently, the Beleev Scooters in Black is available for sale so buy the ride on and give your child a cute surprise.

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Key features of Beleev Scooters in Black

The Beleev Scooters in Black from the kick scooter with led light up wheels comes with various kid’s and parents friendly and secure features:

Frame: The frame of the scooter is made of aluminum makes it more lightweight, stable and secure.

Wheels: There are two 120 mm high quality polyurethane front wheels, one 80 mm rear wheel and abec-7 bearings that work together to absorb bumps in the sidewalk, and creates an extremely smooth and quiet ride. Kids can effortlessly glide over hard surfaces. All the wheels are with LED lights and are motion activated with no batteries required. The lights get brighter with the faster your child goes.

Deck: There is an extra wide non-slip and low deck with the size of 12 X 5.12 inches. It allows toddlers and kids to easily keep their footing as they glide around. The low to the ground deck makes it easier for kid to push the scooter and hop on and off easily. It offers an extra level of safety and comfort so they can ride all day long.

Handlebar: There is 4 adjustable height options T-bar- 25.4, 27.5, 30.7 and 32.7 inches. Kids can adjust the handlebar height from 25.4 inch to 32.7 inch according to their height and comfort. So, the scooter can grow with your child. The hand grips are comfortable enough to protect your child’s hands from hurting. The Secure Lifting and Twisting Lock offer a steady and safe ride.

Brake: There is a large aluminum reinforced rear-wheel foot brake that is used to stop the scooter quickly and easily when treads. It prevents muddy water from splattering on your child back legs. Kids need to step hard on with one foot in order to put the brake.

Lean to steer technology: The scooter turns with a leaning motion instead of a swiveling motion. Kids lean their body weight left or right to steer rather than simply twisting the handle. The handlebar is “fixed” and is steered with the weight transfer. This style of steering is makes the scooter fun and safe.

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Safety Gears

helmet and knee pad

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It is recommended to children to wear helmet and safety pads while riding Beleev Scooters in Black to avoid any accident. They should use the scooter under the supervision of their parents or any adult.


Improving skills

The Beleev Scooters in Black allows kids to perform exercise while either learning to scoot or having fun with friends. It is a great way to strengthening hands and legs muscles, developing essential balance, coordination skills and keeps your child fit.


Customer Reviews

Most of the customers are happy after they bought the Beleev Scooters in Black for their toddlers and kids. They enjoyed scooting on these beautiful looking scooters so they recommended them to everyone by giving positive reviews.


The Pros

prosThe kick scooter with led light up wheels that make the scooter attractive

prosIt handlebar can be removed easily so it is portable and easy to transport

prosIt is lightweight so it is easy to handle

prosPerfect outdoor and indoor scooter

prosAdjustable handlebar for toddlers and kids

prosEasy grip handlebars for proper gripping of hands

prosExtra wide deck to accommodate the feet comfortably

prosWorth the money

prosGreat way of fun and exercise

prosIt comes in 13 attractive colors

The cons

consFew of the customers find the wheels are not light up.

consFew of the customers received the defective product.

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Majority of the customers are satisfied after they bought Beleev Scooters in Black. If any customer received a damaged or defective product during the warranty cycle then according to the policy, you can contact the manufacturer directly or visit their website or contact Amazon (in case you purchased from Amazon) for replacement or to get a refund. The customer care tries to give a trouble free service and generally replies in 12 hours and trying to maintain 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


About Beleev

Beleev aims to inspire moments of joy and encourage an active lifestyle, all at an affordable price point, by creating fun and reliable human-powered vehicles. Beleev believe that having kids outside in nature is paramount to the future of the up and coming generations. That’s why Beleev plays small part in producing high-quality scooters, skateboards, and bicycles that encourage people to go outside and enjoy our beautiful planet.

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My verdict on the Beleev Scooters in Black

The Beleev Scooters in Black is a unique 3 wheel design super sturdy and cute kick scooter that comes with lower deck and adjustable T-bar. The best rated Beleev kick scooter with led light up wheels for toddlers and kids are appropriate to switch from pushing to enjoy the ride. These are working perfectly on indoor as well as outdoor.

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So, if you are searching for the best rated kick scooter with led light up wheels for small kids that is designed with smooth-quiet wheels, low-to-the-ground wide deck, stable steering and slip resistant handlebar adjustable to 4 different heights so it can be used for many years then I would definitely recommend you to buy the Beleev Scooters in Black.

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