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Cheap Baby Toys Walkers

The Safety 1st Ready set walk walker Rosalie from sit stand baby walkers is a modified version of the classic model that is designed with kid’s friendly and safety qualities. These Cheap Baby Toys Walkers from Safety 1st Ready set walk walker Rosalie comes with the fun of 12 different toddler’s favorite sounds and flashing lights. These Best Safety First Baby Walkers that works well on Carpet too are definitely going to be at the top of the list in their favorite toys as these provides a best platform to learn the first baby steps along with learning the vital skills with fun.

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Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Rosalie

Dimension : 27 x 24 x 7 inches
Weight : 8.4 pounds
Sitting mode : 4 months and up
Walking mode : 6 months and up
Battery Required : No
My rating : 9.5 out of 10

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Cheap baby toys walkers

The dimension of the Safety 1st Ready Set Walk Walker Rosalie is 27 inches x 24 inches x 7 inches. And the shipping weight of the toy is 8.4 pounds. The recommended age to use these walking toys for toddlers from Safety 1st family that help toddlers to learn walking is 4 months (sit on the floor mode) and 6 months (for walker mode) to 2 years. The maximum weight limit these Cheap Baby Toys Walkers can hold up to is 30 pounds. The toddler’s height limit is 32” for using the walker.

As a parent and an adviser, I am always advising not use the walker before the appropriate age because the brain and muscles of a child are not developing enough to stand with walker before age.  The safety 1st walkers are always preferable by most of the parent as it comes with toddler’s safety features so they can spend time on walkers independently. I would definitely recommend the walker for toddlers who cannot hold them straight without any assistance and also for the babies who are not able to walk without support.

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Why Rosalie Walker is favorite among parents and toddlers?

Like Safety 1st Discovery walker Dino, Safety 1st Ready set walk walker Nantucket,Dottie, Mickey Mouse and Whale Bay, Safety 1st Ready set walk walker Rosalie also comes with many attractive features that make the walker preferable among toddlers and parents. There are links below to check the reviews of Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Walker, Dino, Safety 1st ready set walk walker Nantucket, Dottie, Mickey Mouse and Whale Bay.

The features of Safety 1st Ready set walk walker Rosalie are :

  • 3 fun toys : The Safety 1st walkers Rosalie comes with 3 playful fun toys that are enough to keep your little one engage with the attraction of 12 beautiful sounds and flashing lights. It will remarkably keep your toddler full of fun numerous hours.
  • Crevice free activity tray: The activity tray is crevice free and can be easily cleaned. Hence, it can be proved as a great stacks area.
  • Three position height adjustment: The seat can be adjusted to 3 different heights according to toddler’s height. So, it provides a proper support as your little one grows. It is quite easy to adjust and hence can be adjusted to different heights as your child grows.
  • Machine washable padded seat : As your child have snacks on the walker, the seat can get stains so Safety 1st walkers are designed with the feature of separable seat. The seat can be easily removed and is machine washable.
  • Wide base : The walkers comes with broad base for extra stability and sturdiness for children that work on both bare floors and carpets. Also, it comes with sturdy and durable walker wheels with the added safety features like the back wheels only move forward and backward and not spinning. The back wheels are rubber coated that is limiting child’s movement. And these features makes the walker provides a safe and secure ride to toddlers.
  • Fold-able Walker : The walker is fold-able so it will become simple for storage when not in use and also can be carried outside for any trip compactly.
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Developing skills with Safety 1st Walker Rosalie

The fun sit stand walkers from Safety 1st are added with flashing lights that will improve your baby’s reasonable, social and significant potentials. There are three playful toys come with the walker that give attraction to toddlers and help them to learn many basic developmental activities in new world. It also encourages the proficiency of learning and imagination, and inspiring your little one’s auditory senses and visual awareness skills.

The walking mode helps in improving gross motor skills, effectual play and the development of swiftness by keeping the interest and imagination of young children. The developmental toys help in increasing fine motor skills of your toddler. Overall, the walker encourages in developing baby’s mental, physical and social capabilities by stimulating, encouraging, and thinking.

How walkers are helpful for babies to learn walking?

The manufacturing recommended age for the using the Safety 1st Walker Rosalie’s sitting on the floor mode is 4 months and as on walker mode is 6 months and up. There are many parents who want to put the baby on walker as soon as the baby turns 4 months and babies start moving on walker unattended and parents get busy on their work. I am not in favor of leaving child with walker before a certain age and strongly recommending all parents not to leave their toddlers for long time when they are in the push-toy mode.

By placing a child in a walking ring before certain age and make her mobile for long time before she is mentally and physically prepared for it, can lead to muscle weakening or even major injuries and accidents.

I would recommend you that the walker always be used under adult supervision. If your child is using a walker, always make sure to keep your eyes on his/her and be alert all the time to avoid any sort of accident.

Customer Reviews

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Most of the customers are happy and satisfied with the Safety 1st walker and recommended others too. There is a small group of parents who are not happy with the safety feature added on the back wheels. As the back wheels only move forward and backward and not spin, it gives limitations to the toddler to move around. I believe that the best part is the rubber coated back wheels of the walker that is limiting child’s movement. Actually such safety features are added to the upgrade versions of Safety 1st walkers to make the walker safer for toddlers and they can get a secure ride independently.

In case of getting defective or damaged walking toys for toddlers from Safety 1st walker during the warranty cycle then you can contact the manufacturer directly or visit their website or contact Amazon if you purchased from Amazon site for replacement or to get a refund. Seller tries to give a trouble free service and generally replies in 12 hours and trying to maintain 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


The Safety 1st Ready Set Walk Baby Walker Rosalie comes with lots of entertaining and developing activities at an affordable price. After buying the toy for your toddler, I am sure, you as well as your toddler must be happy and your spending will be worthy. These durable and long lasting Sit Stand Baby Walkers from Safety 1st is a parent and baby much preferred and loved toy that can be used for many years.

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So if you are looking for a toy that helps toddlers to learn baby’s first step along with improving their physical, mental and social skills then my recommendation is to get Cheap Baby Toys Walkers from Safety 1st Ready Set Walk Walker Hi Fi.

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