Extreme Pogo Sticks for Kids, Teens and Adults from Flybar Pogo Stick 800

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Flybar Pogo Stick 800

Flybar Pogo Sticks 800 for kids is constructed for 21 century boys, girls, men and women, by changing the steel spring of the conventional pogo stick with an original system of rubber spring. The new pogo sticks 800 for girls and boys have a considerable elevation potential of over 4 feet.

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Dimension : 42 x 17 x 6 inches
Shipping weight : 16.5 pounds
Recommended age : 12 year and up
Maximum sustainable weight : 80-160 lbs
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My rating : 9.5 out of 10

Specification of extreme pogo sticks for teens and adults

Flybar Pogo Sticks 800 for girls and boys are made up of 8 heavy gauge elastomeric rubber thrusters rods that are articulated to stretch out up to 300 percent. These bouncy jumping pogo stick toys are user friendly and easy to adjust according to the requirement.

Perfect for girls and boys

Extreme Pogo Sticks for Kids, Teens and Adults - Flybar Pogo Stick 800 for Girls and Boys

Flybar Pogo Stick 800 comes with the dimension of 42 x 17 x 6 inches with the shipping weight of 16.5 pounds. The recommended age to ride Flybar Pogo Sticks 800 for kids are 12 year and up and maximum sustainable weight to hold is 80-180 pounds and comes with 1 year of warranty.

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Flybar Pogo Stick 800 is ultra fast and its one pin piston adjustment for 3 different settings. The spring system can be finely adjusts to show any jumper’s proficiency level, body weight and aspiration. These Extreme Pogo Sticks for teens and adults test jumpers is admiring on how efficient and gentle the ride is, with substantially no or extremely low influence on their knees. It comes with non skid rubber tip for more stability.

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Amazing regulation of Flybar 800 with the body requirement

Extreme Pogo Sticks for Kids, Teens and Adults - Flybar Pogo Stick 800 for Girls and Boys

The Flybar 800 Pogo Stick is capable with 12 thrusters, the rubber rods fix at the lower mount. The upper end of each thruster is designed to be engaged on the upper mount in order to strengthening the Flybar 800 pogo stick. By choosing how many thrusters to engage, you determine the force of the Flybar bounce.

The power of Flybar bouncing depends on the numbers of thrusters to engage. It is recommended for you to start the ride with engaging one thruster per twenty pounds of weight for a smooth bounce. If your kid is 100lbs then you need to engage 5 out of 12 thrusters. If you will engage too many thrusters compare to your capability then your child will come across too much of struggle.

If you engage low thrusters then your child will be able to push the foot rests to the ground without even tapping the full power. The perfect setting should allow your child to nearly bottom out while jumping with your full strength.

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The length of the piston can be set in nine positions, from seven inches to eighteen inches. Most of the time, the longer you set the piston, the higher you will bounce. That is so most people can attain a peak bounce height that is going to be twice the piston length when measured from foot pegs to the ground.

If the piston is set at 12 inches, you will end up with your feet 24 inches above the ground during a peak bounce. So it is recommended to choose a shorter piston length for greater control. Even experienced users also prefer a shorter piston length for particular tricks or accurate exercises.

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Benefits of Flybar 800 pogo sticks for kids

The Flybar 800 pogo sticks are perfect pogo stick for balance building, strength and stamina with a truly encouraging and exciting workout. The body of Flybar 800 is constructed of high strength, durable aluminium and it features ideal grip handlebars and foot pegs that let you stick to get every bounce flawlessly. I would recommend wearing a helmet and using the Flybar 800 with adult supervisions to avoid accidents.

About the Flybar

Andy Macdonald, a pro skateboarder had interest on the height, excitement and fun that pogo sticks offered. In 2000, he had taken an attempt to find the manufacturing partner that share the similar thought process for next generation pogo sticks.

On the other hand, Irwin Arginsky, president of SBI Enterprises had the same vision and has been manufacturing pogo sticks since 1918 and developed a reputation as the industry leader. In fact, the company is the original holder of the Hansburg Pogo patents. The enterprise was in search for the opportunity in manufacturing a product that would bring elevation with excitement and adventure to a new level.

And the aim was to develop a product that would suit children as well as adults of next generation to one step ahead in bouncing. This directed a partnership between Andy Macdonald and SBI Enterprises and started moving together in developing a revolutionize change.

Customer Reviews

Most of the customers are satisfied with the product after using it. There are few cases where they found that the thrusters break easily. In case of getting defective pogo stick or damaged pogo stick during the warranty cycle then you can contact the manufacturer directly or visit their website or contact Amazon for replacement or to get a refund. Seller tries to give a trouble free service and generally replies in 12 hours and trying to maintain 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Flybar Pogo Stick 800 for Girls and Boys is a revolutionary pogo stick, a perfect jumper for teens as well as adults who have the knowledge of using pogo stick and want to widen their experience on it. These extreme pogo sticks for kids is convenient to use and easily adjustable according to the height and weight of the jumper.

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So, if you are searching for an extreme pogo sticks for teens and adults to get smooth and higher jumps, and want to use it as an exercise tool then my recommendation is to get Flybar Pogo Stick 800 for girls and boys with proper adjustments.

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  1. Hey, thank you for the review. I have Flybar Super Pogo Stick for my son and he loves it. It is a great pogo stick to do all tricks. It has comfortable handlebar setup with perfect handle grips. Even I am having blast on it.

    • Thank you for the appreciation Peter. The Flybar Super Pogo Stick has large foot pegs to land all the tech tricks that require you to take your feet off. And it comes at best price.


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