Fisher Price Giraffe Ride Toy for Toddlers- Rocking Animals for Kids

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Fisher Price toys for toddlers

The Fisher Price Giraffe Ride Toy is a cute and attractive rocking toys for toddlers from Fisher Price Family that encourages toddlers to keep on riding the toy and growing along with it. It comes with the cute giraffe mane that gives a feel of adventure in zoo at home.

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Dimension : 7 x 23 x 14 inches
Shipping Weight : 7.9 pounds
Recommended Age : 1 – 3 years
Battery Required – 3 AA batteries
My Rating – 9.5 out of 10

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Fisher Price Ride Toys Toddlers Rocking Animals

The dimension of the Giraffe Rocking Animals Toddlers is 7 x 23 x 14 inches and shipping weight is 7.9 pounds. The manufacturer recommended age to ride the rocking Fisher Price Ride Toys Toddlers is 1 – 3 years. 3 AA batteries require to give light and sound effect to the giraffe rocker.

Cute Design from Fisher Price Family

rocking animals toddlers from Fisher Price family

The base of the Fisher Price Giraffe Ride Toy from Fisher Price Family is quite stable that makes your toddler simple and effortless while climbing on and off and rocking back and forth.

The height of the seat at its lowest point, that is, from the middle of the saddle, is 9.5 inches from the floor, and at its highest point, that is from the tail end is 12.5 inches from the floor so it is becoming an easy ride for toddlers which they can handle independently.

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The bat-at-rollerball on these Ride Toys Toddlers turns on lights, music and phrases. Interactive Fisher Price Giraffe Ride Toy senses and react to toddler’s actions and movements, establish your baby to cause and effect of daily life.

Sound effects of Fisher Price Ride Toys Toddlers

The eye catching Giraffe Rocking Animals Toddlers will give huge satisfaction to your toddler when the phrases activates in the rocking giraffe. The music is triggered when the baby rocks and it plays more as your toddler rocks faster. When the kid will ride the rocker, it plays music that speeds up or slows down that depending on your child’s rhythm and speed.

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Amazing Light effect of Fisher Price Giraffe Ride Toy

The Rocking Giraffe Fisher Price toys toddlers have dancing lights effects that travel up and down the giraffe mane while riding the rocker. There are four lights dance up and down of the rocker that is making the rocker more demanding among kids.

Skills develop from Giraffe Rocking Animals Toddlers

The Giraffe Rocking Riding toys Toddlers is one of the best riding toys toddlers, designed with special features like dancing lights, entertaining and lively music & fun phrases that promote and give confidence to your baby to keep going on rocking the giraffe and growing along with it.

Physical activities like climbing on and getting off of this rocking ride on toys toddlers and rocking back and forth help your baby to develop balance and coordination.

Customer Reviews

There are few customers who are not happy with the product. But the majority of customers are happy and recommend other too.

If any customer received a damaged or defective product during the warranty cycle then according to the policy, you can contact the manufacturer directly or visit their website or contact Amazon if you purchased from Amazon site for replacement or to get a refund. The customer care tries to give a trouble free service and generally replies in 12 hours and trying to maintain 100% satisfaction guaranteed.



from fisher price family

The Fisher Price Giraffe Ride Toy is an exclusively fun filled rocker perfect as a toddler girl and boys ride toys, that comes with amusing sound and light effects that is attracting kids and keep them busy throughout the day. The more baby rocks on the rocker, the more baby is getting exciting music, dancing lights and fun phrases.

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If you are searching Rocking Animals Toddlers for your little one from a good and trusted brand then my recommendation is to get a Giraffe Rocking Animals Toddlers and watch them having fun filled rides at home.


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