Joystar Totem Kids Bike, Pink- The 14 inch bike for girls

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The 14 inch bike for girls

The JOYSTAR Totem Bike, Pink in 14 inch is a cute looking bike made of premium steel designed specially for girls. These are added comes with features like tough training wheels, high tensile frame, resistant rubber tires, covered chain guard, quick release seat post, saddle with holder and coaster brake for little riders. The JOYSTAR Totem bikes are available in 12inch, 14inch, 16inch and 18inch in lively colors so different age group kids can use the bike.

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Net weight : 28.5 pounds
Recommended rider age : 3-5 yrs
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My rating : 9.7 out of 10

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Joystar Totem Kids Bike, Pink

The Net weight and Gross weight of the Joystar Totem Kids Bike are 21.5 pounds and 28.5 pounds. The 14 inch blue bike is appropriate for 3 to 5 year old kids who are 35inch to 47inch in height. These are one of the best 14 inch bike for girls where the package is included with nice decal and instructions manual. The decal can stick on the bike.

Features 12 inch 14 inch 16 inch 18 inch
Age Group 2-4 yr 3-5 yr 4-7 yr 5-9 yr
Recommended Kids’ Height 82cm-105cm 92cm-120cm 105cm-135cm 115cm-145cm
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The article here comes with the review of Joystar Totem Kids Bike, Pink from the 14 inch bike for girls. Currently, the JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike Blue, 14 inch is available at a discounted price so buy the bike and give your child a wonderful surprise.

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Features of Joystar Totem Kids Bike, Pink, 14 inch

Joystar Totem Kids Bike, Pink from the 14 inch bike for girls

The Joystar Totem Kids Bike, Pink from the 14 inch bike for girls comes with many user friendly and safety features :

Height and Length description : The inseam of 14 inch Joystar Totem bike is 40 to 50 cms. The perfect child’s height for the bike is 92 to 120 cms.

Frame : The bikes are constructed with strong and sturdy HI-TEN steel frame that can go through bumps smoothly.

Tires : The bike is constructed with long lasting 2.125-inch Pneumatic Rubber Tire.

Brake : The bike is designed with foot coaster brake. The brake can be operated by turning the pedals backwards so your little one can handle the bike more easily rather than operating it with hand brakes.

Quick release seat post : It comes with quick release seat for simple height adjustment. The seat height can be adjusted according to your child’s growing height so these bikes can be used for few years.

Training wheels : The bikes are added with heavy duty durable training wheels to make the rides easy and simple. Once the child is big enough and independent, training wheels can be removed and he/she can start with adventurous rides.

Saddle with holder : The saddle comes with a holder so parents can hold and control kids rides when they are in need.

Full covered chain guard : The chain guard here completely protects the chain. Also, it protects your little one’s fingers from getting hurt with the chain.

Extra features : The bike comes with DIY decal that can be stick on the frame/chain guard.

Easy to assemble : The Totem bike is simple to assemble. The 85% of the bike is assembled that comes with basic assembly tools. You need to install the front wheel, training wheels, pedals, handlebar and saddle. Also you need to pump up the tires. All assembly tools are included.

Different colors available : Apart from Pink color, the bikes are available in appealing colors like Silver, Mint Green, Ivory and Blue.

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Customer Reviews

Most of the customers are happy after they bought Joystar Totem bike, 14 inch Pink. Their kids enjoyed learning and riding all around so they recommend it to everyone.

The Pros

prosCute looking bike


prosPerfect for small kids

prosSimple and attractive


prosEasy ride

prosAvailable in five different colors

prosSecure and safe

prosCan be used for few years

The Cons

consFew of the customers after they bought observed the chain falls off continually.

consFew customers find the quality of chain guard and training wheels are not of good quality.

If any customer received a damaged or defective product during the warranty cycle then according to the policy, you can contact the manufacturer directly or visit their website or contact Amazon (in case you purchased from Amazon) for replacement or to get a refund. The customer care tries to give a trouble free service and generally replies in 12 hours and trying to maintain 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


The Joystar Totem Kids Bike, Pink in 14 inch is a great idea for beginners to start learning and adventuring. At first, kids can learn on 2 wheels with the support of training wheels. Later, when they are proficient enough to ride independently, then the training wheels can be removed and they can hit the track. The Joystar Totem Bike bring fun and joy on their face. The bikes are of great quality where they come with unique serial number for bike so the quality can be tracked.

The JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bikes are one of the best girls and boys bicycle designed for 2 years to 9 years old kids with the height of 82cms to 145cms girls and boys. While purchasing, you need to just select the appropriate size and color depend on your child’s age, height and color preference.

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So, if you are looking for a cute beginner bike in pink for your little one to learn biking that comes with kids friendly features like adjustable seat height and training wheels that help her to learn balancing and gain confidence to ride freely, and avoid from falling then my recommendation is to buy the Joystar Totem Kids Bike, Pink, 14 inch.

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If you have any query related to Joystar Totem Kids Bike, Pink from the 14 inch bike for girls then just drop a comment at the bottom or email me at and I would be delighted to assist you. I will be glad about your idea and be appreciating your opinion.

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