Kid Motorz Monster Quad

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Kid Motorz Monster Quad is from 6v kids riding toys, is sleek, stylish and gleaming. It gives an effect of a real ATV. The Kid Motorz Monster Quad black is added with monster traction effect for driving on wet or dry grass, hard or rough surface, mud and grooves. These battery operated kids ride toys drives in two speeds forward – 3 and 6 mph and one speed reverse – 3mph.

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Toy Weight : 56.7 pounds
Manufacturer Recommended Maximum Weight it can hold : 65 lb (29.5 kg)
My Rating : 9.5 out of 10

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12V Kids Riding Toys

Kid Motorz Monster Quad considered as one of the best kids ride toys has realistic twist grip throttle revs it into high speed. It has flashy chrome wheels. These 12v kids riding toys have parent controlled feature like high speed lock out for beginners and power lock brake system. It is made up of tough steel frame for durability and safety.

The Kid Motorz Monster Quad motorized ride toys is the perfect ride on ATV for an action ride. Learning the operation of Kawasaki KFX is superb. The dimension of the ride on is 44 inches x 31 inches x 29 inches and the product weight is 56.7 pounds. The manufacturer recommended maximum weight Fisher Price Green Kawasaki KFX can hold is up to 65 lb.

Cool quads for kids

Kid Motorz Monster Quad in Black

Kids can have a wonderful riding experience in their backyard with Kid Motorz Monster Quad. The manufacturer recommended age is 36 months – 8 years. These cool quads for kids come with a 12V battery and a charger. The battery available with the ride on is one 12V that allow a maximum speed of 3 and 6 mph forward and 3 mph reverse. This kids 12v ride toys can go through and run on any obstacles like wet grass, mud, stony and rough ground and grooves without getting stuck.

The quads low profile, foot rests and relaxing seat makes a struggle free drive. The twist-grip throttle easily revs up the motor and this gives your child a thrilled journey. It will give a realistic fun of adventure what your child wants at a safer speed. This speed is in controlled mode so that a child can have fun of riding and slow enough for parents to walk behind them for supervision. And after gaining experience with the Kid Motorz Monster Quad, when he is more experienced, the high speed lock out can be removed and switch to its maximum speed.

The Kid Motorz Monster Quad is designed with safety features like specially designed braking system that allows the vehicle to stop when the kid’s hand leaves the throttle of the quad. It is added with wide tire for more grip and safety. It gives a kid the effect of a real stylish ATV.

Different versions available for Kawasaki Power Wheels KFX

There are few more versions available of Kawasaki KFX with little differences product dimension and weight, minimum and maximum forward speed, and reverse speed.

Kid Motorz Monster Quads are tough and stylish ride on that go through all obstacles. After a realistic throttle start of the ride, the rechargeable 12V battery strike in to take the ride with the speed of maximum 3 mph both forward and reverse. When the child is efficient and bigger enough and parents are assured that their child is bigger enough to handle the ride, then they can remove the speed lock which allows the maximum speed to 6 mph of the ride.

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The child come across with the functions of the ride on, and rides it to start and stop the vehicle, go forward and backward. These features help a child to learn the basic concepts of cause and effect. It helps kid to have adventurous rides by their thoughts and imaginations.

Maximum numbers of customers are happy and want their kids to play, learn and grow with the ride on.

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Kid Motorz Monster Quad in Black

Kid Motorz Monster Quad is an ideal and precise ride that helps a kid to learn basics of driving with time, practice and experiences. It teaches a child the learning with happiness and innovation.

Kid Motorz Monster Quad from 12V Kids Riding Toys are realistic ride on that allows a child to develop creativity and role play, self confidence, independence and achievement. Along with that, it helps in developing balance, coordination and consciousness. These all are required for a healthy mental, emotional and physical development.

So, if you find the review of Cool Quads from Battery Operated Kids Ride Toys helpful for you then get the best version of your and your child choice and let them have the real ATV feel with Kid Motorz Monster Quad.


2 thoughts on “Kid Motorz Monster Quad”

  1. I love this! My boyfriend’s little girl is four years old and loves ride on toys, so this is perfect.

    Her birthday is in a couple of months so we are considering buying a ride on toy. She can be a little bit of a tomboy so this Kawasaki Power Wheels ATV just might be perfect for her.

    I will say that ride on toys have come a long way since I was a kid! I thought I was the luckiest kid in the world to have my Barbie Jeep when they first came out. Now they have just about every kind of ride on available!


    • Thank you Jess for your comment. I appreciate it. There are 6 different models of Kawasaki Power Wheels KFX available about which I discussed on my post so both of you are getting an option to choose the one which she is going to like more. I am sure it is must going to suit the little one’s personality and she is definitely going to like this as a birthday gift. 🙂


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