6 comments on “Waliki Adult Bouncy Ball Ride Toys with Handle from 29inches 2 Way Action Hand Air Pump Pool Floats Exercise Balls Rody Hippity Hop Bouncer Hopper Balls

  1. This is the 2nd time I have seen this. The first one was when I saw it in a TV commercial where it showed lots of people bouncing around with that kind of ball. I really thought it was funny to see adults riding it.

    I guess you’re right that this is good for exercise. I am also wondering about your short biography why this toy is important for toddlers to have as they grow up. I can guess that this keeps you away from the mobile devices, and/or just hanging around with friends around the neighborhood.

    I just hope that it can keep the child’s interest to keep on using it. Kids these days are more into mobile games

    • Hey Raymond, thanks for showing your interest on my recommendation. You are absolutely correct. These balls are not only good for kids but also keep adults active too. Even my son, who is 6 year old now loves to have fun hopping on small sized balls along with his friends rather than playing on electronic gadgets.
      These are meant to be have fun along with physical, mental and social development.

  2. Nice Website Sangeeta!

    It is good to see that you help people in that specific niche!
    As a father, is good to know that we can always visit your website for some more options regarding our kids toys and activities!

    Thanks for sharing insights about those Toys rides and keep up the good feedback!

    • Thank you so much Tiago for appreciating and liking my site. Definitely, you are always welcome to visit my site and I would be glad to help you to make a right choice for your little one.

  3. wow this is so amazing post ever since i and my kid have been planning to organised a training indoor but in most cases i have failed to get the right toys tho

    i will be looking forward to hear from you soon and please provide me with any other related information regarding

    best wishes


    • Exactly Jose, there is lots of fun when we are playing with our kids. Also, kids enjoy a lot. I am regularly posting articles on kids seats and ride ons so do check the site often. Hope, you will enjoy reading it. 🙂

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