Wheeled Toys For Kids

Wheeled toys for kids

There is a huge range of wheeled toys for kids are available  in market starting from tricycles, balance bikes like Strider pro, Strider sports, Strider Classic, Diggin wooden balance bikes, bikes with training wheels like Schwinn Bikes for girls and boys, mountain bikes, scooters and many more. These are of different price range available in different bright colors. Wheeled toys for kids starts from the age 2 and goes up to adults. Other than that, battery operated toys like Fisher Price Power Wheels Dune Racer 12 Volt Battery Powered, Kawasaki Power Wheels KFX, Thomas Train Ride Tracks, T1GR1S Pink New Coupe Roadster, Power Wheels Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler Fisher Price and many are also available with a wide range.


The first wheeled toys for kids is mostly the pedal ride toy which starts with tricycle. The tricycles are with handle and pedals, require synchronization. Before using any wheeled toy, kids were only used to rockers or push ride ons so they need proper guidance as these wheeelled toys for kids are new for them and so, the risk of falling down is more. Tricycles help kids to learn balancing their body more effortlessly and coordinating their body, and definitely, this is the best mode of exercise. It will become easier for kids to ride a bike or scooter later.


The next wheeled toys for kids for which kids are mostly fond of are bikes. Bikes come in many sizes for young children start from the preschoolers up to adults. It is important to start the bike riding with supporting wheels in order to avoid accidents. It is recommended to use proper protection kit while riding a bike.


Other than bike, the other best option for kids in wheeled toys for kids is scooter. There is a diverse choice of kids’ scooters available in market at different prices, with a huge variety of riding and with different colours and features so that your kids can select a product of their choice according to their preferences and requirements. Scooters can be powered or manually operated with foot and again, these rides also need proper assistance until kids are comfortable it.

Wheeled toys for kids

Kids always prefer someone to play with them. But with ride on toys, they are having the opportunity to move a vehicle independently. It is often important to get kids to play on their own. This sort of independent stepping forward is a great way for kids to recognize their sense of emotions and interests and this way, they will learn to express themselves as per the situation. This is necessary for self confidence.

Group play is also very mush important like independent play. Kids will learn how to behave in front of everyone. They learn sharing and playing together. It is encouraging kids to communicate and sharing views and ideas with each other.

4 comments on “Wheeled Toys For Kids

  1. Howdy. This is quite useful not only for kids to choose what types of toys they one but a survey which can be made by parents.

    It’s a toy which can be a significant to the extent that when kids grow up, they might be a biker or having a profession related to their hobby.

    Talk about hobby, I’ve noticed that scooters have been modernised called hover boards. I am sure you know about it but personally, I just found it yesterday.

    • Hey Tar, Thank you for the comment. I appreciate it. I have tried to give a quick look of wheeled toys which can be useful for growing kid. Nowadays, my son is obsessed for his roller skates and the same way,I want to help other parents too. Yes Tar, Hover boards are the extended form of Skateboard and I am thinking to include skate boards, hover boards and roller skates in my reviews. Hope, it might help parents to choose the good one for their kid.

  2. Hi there,

    Kids and bikes, just got my little munchkin her first bike, all pink and lovely! We have a tendency to remember our first bike and the first one we got our children.

    I like how you mentioned stabilisers for bikes for younger children, knowing these are hard to find in Thailand I actually had to buy those first to avoid a crying 2-year-old a lot of heartache of having a bike she can’t use.

    Great site and a great page, keep up the good work. 🙂

    • Hi Derek, Thank you so much for the comment and encouragement. You are right Derek, the first bike is always as a sweet memory for us with few falls and joy. And it is a bit necessary for parents as well as for kids to start learning bike with supporting wheels. These supporting wheels are giving a sort of confidence to kids that they can also ride bikes. I am going to discuss about bikes with supporting wheels on my posts later which is going to be worthy and helpful for your kid.

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